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How to choose luxury watch

There are many factors you need to consider before buying a luxury watch, such as brand, price range, style , resell value …etc. We will discuss all this consideration to help you find out the best suitable luxury watch for yourself.

luxury watch Brand



Rolex watches are symbols of excellence, performance and prestige. Throughout its history, Rolex has pioneered the development of the wristwatch for the modern era.


Zenith SA is a high-end luxury Swiss watch manufacture started in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot at the age of 22, inLe Locle in the canton of Neuchâtel. Zenith was purchased by LVMH in November 1999, becoming one of several brands in their watch and jewellery division

Zenith has a long reputation for the quality and precision of their watches. It is one of few remaining Swiss watch manufacturers that still produce their own movements in-house.61rlikb2ZpS._SL1000_[1]


Through a very selective process, Friedmann has carefully assembled a portfolio of watches across a wide range of price points in the luxury and fashion categories. Gevril Group represents numerous watch manufacturers and distributes historical brands, such as Gevril and Fortis, and maison brands that include Ferragamo,Versace, Versus and Just Cavalli, as well as fashion brands like Haurex, Johan Ericand Rüdiger.

Price Range

We classify luxury watch price range into three group, high end ( larger than $10000)  , middle range ($1000 to $9999) , and low end (below $1000).

High End Luxury Watch ( larger than $10000)

High End Luxury Watch is very limited number in production, and very exclusive in design. There is no upper bound of the most expensive luxury watch, we will introduce some more affordable high end luxury watch brand such as Zenith.

Middle range  Luxury Watch ($1000 to $9999)

Middle range watch has more flexible design,

This is the main tier of true luxury watches. Overall, these can be a good value because manufacturers at this level are not skimping to offer ‘luxury’ products at more moderate prices–yet they mostly do not go to outrageous excess in details without regard to cost of the highest-end brands. Better durability and modest depreciation rates make the long-term cost of ownership of these watches quite reasonable. Used watches in this tier can be an outstanding value.


Resell ValueFactors to Consider when Purchasing Luxury Watches in the Different Price Categories written by: kathyitta Introduction
41yNxdOQUML[1]A lot of people argue that a wristwatch has become a redundant accessory in this day and age. This is because there are so many devices such as smartphones and tablets that adequately meet our timekeeping needs. They argue that a luxury watch is an even more unnecessary expense since the functionality of telling time is the same.

However, all of these people are missing the point. A luxury watch is more than just an accessory for keeping time. These timepieces have been designed with a psychotic attention to detail and unrivaled quality. The style and workmanship is unparalleled, and the design is timeless. Therefore, the person who wears a luxury timepiece can be identified as an individual who understands and appreciates great tastes and the finer things in life. The watch represents their success and achievement. Though it is expensive, it is so beautiful and lovely that the wearer should not mind the price. In fact, the price becomes part of the point because it identifies the people who can afford it and who understand the need to pay so much for the watch.

Furthermore, the resale value of these watches is quite high, making them valuable investment pieces. Luxury watches can be divided into three groups based on their price range. High end watches could set the collector or luxury watch enthusiast back by more than $10,000. Middle range watches on the other hand could lighten the wallet by between $1,000 and $9,999. There are also several low end watches that could cost less than $1,000.

High end luxury watches
A high end luxury timepiece could cost the collector or enthusiast anywhere between ten thousand dollars and one million dollars. One may wonder, what justifies this price and what makes these watches fit into this category? The first thing to consider when buying a high end watch is the quality of the materials and the jewels that have been used in its construction. If you are going to pay $20000 for a watch, then it must have some valuable metals that justify its value. These watches also require many months to construct them, and they have the Seal of Geneva which certifies their quality as well as their origin. The design of high end watches is usually quite intricate, refined and complicated. Furthermore, there are some manufacturers who make a very limited number of high end watches. This has helped to make these watches very exclusive and unique. The resale value of high end watches is quite high. This is because most of them are very limited in number. Furthermore, the metals and jewels that are used in making these watches are always appreciating in value. Some collectors will be willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for some priced high end timepieces. Example of high end watches include the Limited Edition Zenith Defy Xtreme Stealth Titanium Luxury Men’s Watch, and the Rolex Daytona Chronograph.

Middle Range luxury watches
These watches can retail for $1000 to $9999. Though they are not as expensive as high end watches, they are still unique identifiers of wealth and status, and they are beautifully designed and quite valuable. A lot of things are considered before a watch is included in this category. The first factor is that these watches often use mechanical movement as opposed to quartz movement. They also have an anti-reflective coat that reduces the glare and makes it easier to read time.

The casing is made from high quality metal, and it has a great polish and impeccable finish. Some of these watches may also have a chronometer certification from the COSC. Mid-range watches usually have some sort of decoration and unique design that makes them more valuable than low end watches. These fine details are evidence of just how much time and effort went into manufacturing the watch. The unique design and decorations also add character to these mid-range watches. The resale value of a mid-range watch is quite high, especially for notable brands. M


ost collectors are willing to pay the retail value or slightly lower for mid-range watches, depending on the materials that have been used to make the watch. Examples of middle range watches include the Rolex Explorer II, and the Zenith Class Elite.

Low end luxury watches

These are considered entry level watches to the world of luxury. These watches may cost anywhere between $300 and $1000. These timepieces are made from solid metals, and the watch’s crystal could be made from sapphire. A low end watch should also have some illumination on the dial or the hands that will help the owner to tell the time in the dark. The watch should have a seal from an actual watch making company. Watches in this price range also have a double locking clasp on their metal bracelet. The design is not very intricate, but anyone can still be able to notice the quality and the effort that went into constructing these watches. The resale value of this watch is usually lower, as they are not as durable as middle range and high end luxury watches. Furthermore, they are not constructed using any jewels or exotic materials; therefore, they will resale at a lower price. Most luxury watches manufacturers do not make watches in this price range. However, the consumer can still get a pre-owned Zenith Port Royal V El Primero Chronograph at an inexpensive price.

Luxury watches combine status with functionality and design. These watches define prestige, performance and precision. The type of watch that a person chooses to wear can be very personal, but it will make a statement and send a message to everybody else. Luxury watches can identify a person as accomplished or wealthy. It is a subtle way of showing class and prestige. They are often won by the rich and mighty as well as by various world changers. Though some of them may cost you an arm and a leg, you will enjoy having them on your arm as they are works of art. Furthermore, they will always give other people something nice to look at whenever they greet you.


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