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Leupold gx-4i series digital rangefinder

leupold gx-4i featured
leupold gx-4i featured
leupold gx-4i featured


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The gadget is light and compact making it easy to carry around.


The price of the product is generally expensive.


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Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews – Product Summary

The Leupold gx-4i series digital rangefinder is an innovative device crafted by Leupold’s engineers and designers. The gadget is integrated with advanced digital electronics with cutting edge ballistics algorithms to ensure quality performance. It emits a series of indiscernible, infrared power pulses that are reflected off the point of focus back to the optical unit. Exclusive circuitry and precision computing circuits help calculate the distance at once by measuring the time taken by each pulse to travel from the rangefinder to the item of focus and back.


Product Features

Prism lock

This equips your Gx-4i with an exceedingly intense return signal that allows it to lock onto the prism on the course and provide immediate feedback once you have accurately ranged the anticipated target.


Club selector

This is shown on the lower part of the display. On activation of True Golf Range (TGR), this feature recommends proper iron for the current distance, environmental conditions, shot angle and other factors.


True Golf Range (TGR)

This is an adjusted range that compensates for uphill shots that play long and downhill shots that play short. It is calculated from the line of sight distance, decline or incline, current altitude and temperature and then displays the adjusted range to which the golfer should play.


3 Selectable aiming reticles

This allows you to choose any of the 3 pre-loaded aiming reticles in your Leupold Gx-4i series digital rangefinder.



It equips the rangefinder with the ability to measure angles of slope, depression or elevation of an object with reverence to gravity.


Low battery indicator

This signals you when the battery is low so that you can recharge your device before it goes off.



This feature allows you to use the device in almost any kind of light weather such as haze, rain and fog without interfering with its accuracy and readings.

Other features of the rangefinder include Pin-hunter laser technology, magnification functions, 1-touch mode scan and quick set menu. The device also measures 3.7L x 2.9H x 1.3W inches and weighs 7.9oz. It also comes with a 2years warranty.


Product pros and cons

The Leupold Gx-4i series digital rangefinder is an effective device but other than its desirable features, the product has some shortcomings too. Here are some of the good and bad about the item.


  • The gadget is light and compact making it easy to carry around.
  • It gives accurate results and is simple to read.
  • The Gx-4i rangefinder offers you value for your money.
  • It can work under a number of weather conditions.
  • It is versatile, that is, it can easily switch from coaching mode (elevation adjusted distance) to competition accepted mode.


  • The price of the product is generally expensive.
  • The pin-hunter technology is not very effective as it does not readily register the distance.


Clients have the Leupold Gx-4i series digital rangefinder as a quality and highly performing gadget that is tailored to meet their needs. Though with some minor let-downs, they still appreciate the fact that the benefits outweigh any disadvantages it may have. Very few, if any customers regret purchasing the product. Many of them have it as the best rangefinder device in the market.



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