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Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker Laser Rangefinder

Leupold 117857 PinCaddie Digital Golf Rangefinder featured
Leupold 117857 PinCaddie Digital Golf Rangefinder featured
Leupold 117857 PinCaddie Digital Golf Rangefinder featured


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Accuracy of the laser


t is very big compared to other laser rangefinders


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This article reviews Bushnell hybrid pinseeker laser rangefinder which could be viewed as one of the ultimate rangefinder that combines world class laser technology and detailed pre-loaded GPS information. This machine is heaven made. It rests on an individual’s hand with an ergonometric precision that creates confidence and pride. It sets new standards for distance dimensions.


Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews – Product Summary

Bushnell has been existence in the optics business from 1955. With constant emphasis of the innovation, it now features the first combo laser with the hybrid. In 2012, it launched the revolutionary tour Z6 that featured vivid displays and ESP to make the world’s most technically highly developed laser rangefinder. It also makes distance simple with its 3 GPS products Golf GPS watch neo+, the NEW neo+, and XGC+.



This product contains:

  • Instruction manual
  • Premium case
  • Quick start guide
  • Cleaning cloth
  • USB sync cable
  • Warranty information card
  • Power cord adapter
  • Wall plug-in


Product Features
  • Pinseeker technology
  • Pinseeker technology-it zeroes in on plug
  • Legal tournament play
  • SCAN-to display multiple ranges while planning
  • Pre-loaded GPS information
  • +/- I year warranty
  • 5 x magnifications
  • Rechargeable and powered lithium ioned battery
  • Auto hole advance
  • No membership fees or even subscriptions
  • Auto course recognition
  • 16000+ pre-loaded North American courses


  • Accuracy of the laser
  • Improves ones scoring ability
  • Awesome battery life
  • Accuracy of GPS
  • It has appropriate size and weight
  • It contains short distance measuring feature
  • Pinseeker makes it easy to get to the yardage to the flag easy and very fast
  • It is pre-loaded
  • No yearly fees
  • Versatile
  • Contains both laser and GPS
  • Contains GPS preloaded with 16,000 courses
  • Uses hybrid technology



Just like any other thing, this awesome gadget has some cons as well. Some of the noted ones include:

  • It is very big compared to other laser rangefinders
  • Golfers who play outside North America cannot enjoy preloaded courses put in by the manufacturer.

To many, this awesome gadget is a secret weapon each and every hole on the golf course. It is a whole new way of revolutionizing golf game since it includes a razor sharp precise laser rangefinder and golf GPS. Since it is equipped with pinseeker technology and over 1600 preloaded golf courses in North America and people are considering it the best in the world.


Combining laser accuracy with GPS convenience is the game changer needed by every golfer. For those looking for high quality rangefinder, then this machine is the best on the market today. It is an excellent innovation that do not disappoint when you it comes to performance. It is a great and an excellent that every gofer and especially those in North America should invest on. It can help them experience the power of awesome technology as well as benefiting from the preloaded courses.


Customer Reviews

This machine is the best of both worlds. It is great at targeting distance and gives an option to measure every short. I loved it.


I bought one and I do not regret. I will recommend it to my friends.

The product is easy to use. I just wish it was smaller. But it is wonderful and I will tell my friends about it!



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