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Voice Caddie T1 Hybrid Golf Gps Watch



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It provides shot distance measurement. This feature enables you to see how far you have hit.

Its battery power is not long enough for golf play.


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Welcome to the best golf GPS watch reviews. In this page, we will review about the Voice Caddie T1 Hybrid golf GPS watch. This watch is more than just a GPS rangefinder. It keeps track of your practice. It also measures your swing tempo. With a very convenient UI and simple navigation, the T1 Hybrid gives both a tempo perk for a regular swing and GPS information of over 30,000 courses. It also gives distance to the rear, the front, and the center of the green. You will definitely get comfortable playing with T1 Hybrid.


Product features

In here, you will get to know the features of the Voice Caddie T1 Hybrid.


Integrated fitness and golf

Gold and fitness are integrated in one watch because not only can you play golf but you can also keep track of your health. With the T1, you will be able to monitor your walking speed, calories burned, and distance traveled. This makes it easy to keep track of your fitness and golf play simultaneously.


Energy-saving for longer play

The T1 is an energy-saving design that provides more game time for you. In only one charge, you will get 8 hours of golf play with the GPS.


Steady swing tempo

This feature pertains to its rhythm. The T1 detects every address and sends back to you after each shot. This GPS watch shows you your rear to down-swing ratio so you can get a better swing.


Stylish digital scorecard

The T1 comes with a digital scorecard so that you will know what you will get at every hole. Just input your score and the T1 will save it in its history.


Why is Voice Caddie T1 Hybrid better than other versions?

The T1 is a two-in-one watch. It is good for golf play and everyday watch. It does not look like a typical GPS watch, but also a daily watch to wear. On top of that, it has over 30,000 courses with no additional fees when you update it. The T1 automatically updates itself to give you an optimal golf play experience. Retaining consistent swing is a challenge for professionals and amateurs alike. The swing tempo has a ratio of 3:1 back to forward swing ratio. The tempo aids you in building confidence and consistency.


Different View of the T1

Voice Caddie T1 Hybrid golf GPS watch


  • It has a golf-hole recognition and automatic course. This automatically detects the course and the green hole so you can concentrate on your game.
  • It provides shot distance measurement. This feature enables you to see how far you have hit.
  • It comes with accurate distance guidance. With UI and GPS technology, you will see the distance to the back, the center, and the front of the green with just a single glance.
  • It has a golf history. The Voice Caddie T1 Hybrid golf GPS watch stores course name, the date, and score for every round so you can monitor your improvement and history.


  • Its battery power is not long enough for golf play. There are other golf GPS watches on the market that provide longer hours compared to that.




Customers’ reviews

Every single feature that comes with the Voice Caddie T1 Hybrid is superb. There is only one problem with the golf GPS watch and that is the battery power. You can find some GPS watches on the market that offers longer hours for golf play. The T1 only provides 8 hours. Overall, no bad reviews have been reported so far with the T1. Others say it is simply perfect and worth to buy since it is the latest version of the brand.

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