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SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX GPS Watches



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The watch has six buttons that seem huge for petite women. The buttons also press by itself when on the fly.


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SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX GPS Watch is another efficient, reliable, and accurate golf GPS watch on the market today. It utilizes SkyGolf’s TrueGround course maps to give dynamic distance to the center, back, and front of the putting green. More information of this GPS watch can be found on this page. Read on.


Product Features

Apart from the provided information in the product description, there are several features you can get with this GPS watch. Below is the list of the well-detailed features.


Pre-loaded with over 34,000 golf course maps across the globe

With this feature, you do not have to worry about the places you would like to have a golf course, because you can use SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX GPS Watches regardless of where you are.


Efficient TrueGround layup targets

SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX GPS Watches uses TrueGround, a patent feature of the brand, which can give dynamic distances to the back, front, or the center of the green. It also provides up to 40 targets and lay-ups per hole.


Versatile multi-sport GPS watch

It is not only used for golf course but for all sports as well. That is why it is called multi-sport. You can use the watch when biking or running.


Bluetooth-enabled multi-sport watch

The SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX GPS Watches is Bluetooth-enabled so you can receive smart notifications for call and text alerts. It comes with a free mobile app for iOS, tablets, and Android smartphones.


Reliable hole statistics and scoring

These features can determine key stats, such as greens in fairway hits, regulation, and total putts. It also measures how far you have hit each club.


Accurate built-in odometer

The built-in odometer can track time, location, distance, pace, speed, calories burned, and laps. The odometer tracks how much calories you have burned – not just from playing golf, but also from running, walking, and biking.


Black and White Color provided

SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX GPS Watches


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SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX GPS Watches

Product Specifications
Dimensions 2.0″x2.8″x 0.7″
Display size 2.0″ diameter
Weight 45 g
Display sunlight readable
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion
Water resistance 30 meter
GPS-enabled Yes
Course maps Up to 34,000
Color Black & White
Features - Front, center, and back of green distances
– Measure any shot (Mark Ball)
– Digital scorecard
– Odometer
– Lap counter
– Calorie counter
– Clock
– Timer
– Alarm
– Pace-of-play timer


  • SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX GPS Watches is very reliable, accurate, and fashionable.
  • You can customize the GPS watch’s appearance by personalizing it with optional bezels and wristbands.
  • It is upgradable to IntelliGreen Technology that provides real green shape as well as pin targeting for exact distance to the hole.
  • Upgrades of this come with TrueGround Target List with over 40 hazards and layups per hole.
  • No membership and yearly fees required.


  • The watch has six buttons that seem huge for petite women. The buttons also press by itself when on the fly.



As far as positive reviews are concerned, the SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX GPS Watch is really accurate and reliable in terms of providing dynamic distances to the green. Not only that, it provides accurate assessments for other sports; indeed, it is a multi-spot GPS watch. It is also customizable, so you can change it with the optional bezels and wristbands.

As far as negative reviews are concerned, there are reports that the SkyGolf SkyCaddie LINX GPS Watches automatically altered to the next while they were putting, which make it harder to put the score to the correct hole. In addition to that, the battery drains quickly and the watch seems huge among petite women. Having said that, the GPS watch is rated 3.5. of 5 – not bad at all.

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    Amity Lee

    I have bought this watch for a month. It is accurate on the golf course.


    Great Watch! I love it so much. The price is reasonable and it is accurate with the yardages. The only problem is that it is difficult to use.

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