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GolfBuddy GB9-WT4 Golf GPS Watch

Golf Buddy wt4 featured
Golf Buddy wt4 featured
Golf Buddy wt4 featured


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Product Features

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It comes with additional features at no cost, these include pin placement, dynamic green view, targets and hazard information

The watch has no significant cons that you may worry about


Posted December 16, 2014 by

You just got it right! This is your most rightful source for the Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews. You need go further as we offer you the most detailed and comprehensive info. In this review we feature GolfBuddy GB9-WT4 Golf GPS Watch, its unique features, advantages and disadvantages in the most informative way to help you make an informed choice about it.

Product summary

We can rightfully say that GolfBuddy exhibits the modern WTF. This watch comes with GPS with over 37,000 courses across the globe. It will provide you with complete information on targets and even hazards, at no extra cost. In addition,there are also several free features a Pin Placement and a dynamic green view . This watch has a wristband which makes the watch very comfy to wear. Also, it has a waterproof case designed to fit any situation.


Product Features

GolfBuddy GB9-WT4 Golf GPS Watch is articulately designed and customized to give you the best experience courtesy of its exciting features, the best you can get.


Product Dimensions

This watch measures 2.1 x 1.7 x 0.6 inches, a very fitting size indeed. Not too bulky or too small, just the fitting size for your wrist. It weighs 1.6 ounces hence very conducive that will not hurt your hand nor make you feel as if you are carrying a heavy load.


Digital and analog watch

The watch serves you with a digital watch perfect for timing and stop watch functions. It also features an analog watch which is also ideal. Whichever you feel comfortable with, this watch has got it all for you.


Slim design

This watch is designed in a way that you will be comfortable wearing it. Its slim design makes it possible for you to put on a long sleeve shirt or top and it will not give a bulging look.


Product Specification
Size 2.07”×1.71”×0.59” / 52.5mm×43.4mm×15mm (without wristband)
Weight (oz) 2.29oz / 65g (including battery with wristband)
PC Interface USB Cradle (USB and charger)
Display 1.29” Transflective (160*160 pixels)
Battery Type 3.7V / 300mAh Lithium-polymer
Operation Life : GolfMode 13 hours / TimeMode 20 days
Course Capacity 40,000 Course
Water Resistance IPX7 waterproof standard
Operating Temperature 14°F ~ 140°F / -10°C ~ 60°C
Button 4 Buttons
Features Slim design with digital/analog watch feature
Full targets & hazards information
Dynamic Green View
Pin Placement
GPS tracking
Digital scorecard
Distance to front/center/back of the green
37,000+ global courses preloaded
Automatic course & hole recognition
Shot distance measurement
Faster data transfer on PC sync mode


  • GolfBuddy GB9-WT4 Golf GPS Watch will offer you a variety of advantages as compared to other types of watches:
  • It has a slim design that makes it very comfortable to wear.
  • It comes with additional features at no cost, these include pin placement, dynamic green view, targets and hazard information.
  • Being a GolfBuddy watch, it has a GPS with more than 37000 courses across the globe. This helps you to measure distances of your shots accurately by a push of a button.It also automatically gives you the number of miles you have covered as well as for how long you have walked.
  • Offers you both the analog and digital watches in one.
  • You don’t need to pay any annual fees and you can easily update via a computer.


  • The watch has no significant cons that you may worry about.
Product View

Golf Buddy wt4


Customer Reviews

On several sites the watch has received numerous credits. Customers have termed it as the lightest and most comfortable watch. They also cite it as very easy to use and stylish.
It turns out that GolfBuddy GB9-WT4 Golf GPS Watch is an all-time favorite watch. A slim design, light weight and numerous exciting features as well as easy to use makes it stand out as a watch of choice for all. It’s time to grab one for yourself and also for a friend.



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