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Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews 2015 – Latest Golf GPS Watches

Garmin Approach S5 Golf GPS Watch

Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews 2015 -  The Garmin Approach S5 GPS Watch from Garmin embodies this and has a whole set of high tech features including:a high resolution color touchscreen;CourseView maps for more than 38,000 international golf courses; a devoted button for courseview and many other clever features. You can rapidly find exact distance to the green and doglegs and the number of miles to custom areas can also be found.Automatic notification gives you a chance to get messages, emails, and alarms or alerts from your smartphone.In addition, a computerized scorecard helps you stay informed regarding you and your scores or handicaps.The lithium-ion battery gives ten good hours of charge.The watch is specifically tailored for golf as a sport.

Customers who have reviewed it find it is better than the S4 and other versions of Garmin watches in terms of sophistication and advanced features it possesses…Read More

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Garmin Approach S6 Golf GPS Watch


Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews 2015 -  The Garmin Approach S6 is an advanced model with new functionalities previously not available on earlier versions. These include a color touch screen and swing metrics. These two upgrades make this watch a great companion on the golf course, helping you improve your game and keep track of your progress. The Approach S6 has several additional features as outlined below.

The Garmin Approach S6 has a better design than most models. It has shed more weight, is slimmer and much easier to operate. This is definitely a good deal for the $400 price tag….Read More

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TomTom Golfer GPS Sport Watch

Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews 2015 -  TomTom released the all-new TomTom Golfer GPS sports watch. This makes it simple for golf players to improve their game. It is built with over-the-top graphics that clearly show exact distances to layups and hazards as well as to the green.

It measures the duration of your round and your distance as well as your calories. So, not only does the GPS watch let you know your score during the play but it also lets you know how much calories you have burned. Since it is water resistant, players are not afraid to play on a rainy and wet day. On top of that, you can choose a color from available shades: two shades of dark grey and green…..Read More

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Expresso WR72 Golf GPS Watch

Expresso WR72Golf GPS Watch


Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews 2015 -  Expresso WR72Golf GPS Watch in brushed titanium is a really good product. With several features that you will love, you will definitely keep it for a long time. It is preloaded with more than 33,000 global courses that also include 1.8 million layups and hazards. The WR72 is available in hand-polished and brushed finishes. .

For many reviewers, it has all the features they are looking for in a golf GPS watch, such as long battery life for 12 hours and efficient center/back/front of the green. It is also hypoallergenic, so those who have sensitive skin can buy this WR72. Unlike other golf GPS watches, the Expresso WR72 does not require membership fees and necessary downloads. It also has a capable round information odometer that enables you to monitor your round time as well as distance traveled. If you are on idle while in the golf field, you may use the battery-preserving auto off feature so that you will save its battery. It is no wonder that no bad reviews have been reported with the Expresso WR72 because it has all the great characteristics of a perfect golf GPS watch…..Read More

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GolfBuddy GB9-WT4 Golf GPS Watch

Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews 2015 -  GolfBuddy GB9-WT4 Golf GPS Watch comes with GPS with over 37,000 courses across the globe. It will provide you with complete information on targets and even hazards, at no extra cost. In addition,there are also several free features a Pin Placement and a dynamic green view . This watch has a wristband which makes the watch very comfy to wear. Also, it has a waterproof case designed to fit any situation.

On several sites the watch has received numerous credits. Customers have termed it as the lightest and most comfortable watch. They also cite it as very easy to use and stylish. It turns out that GolfBuddy GB9-WT4 Golf GPS Watch is an all-time favorite watch. A slim design, light weight and numerous exciting features as well as easy to use makes it stand out as a watch of choice for all. It’s time to grab one for yourself and also for a friend……Read More

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