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GolfBuddy launches the first ever golf GPS band – BB5 Golf GPS band

Golfbuddy bb5 golf gps band
Golfbuddy bb5 golf gps band
GolfBuddy has launched the first ever golf GPS band in the world and will be available in April 2015. This new GolfBuddy BB5 Golf GPS (MSRP $299) has LED dot display and shows the distance to the front, center and back of the green with over 37,000 courses.
Apart from a time mode, play mode and pedometer capabilities, the GolfBuddy BB5 Golf GPS band has a rechargeable lithium battery (up to 13 hours in golf mode, 20 days in watch mode) and is water resistant to IP65 rating.
Specification provided by GolfBuddy is as follow:
Size : 2.28″(H) X 1.26″(W) X 0.59″(D), Wristband 4.06″(sm/m),5.04″(lg/xlg)
Weight: 1.23 oz
Display: 20 X 5 dot LED
PC Interface :USB
Battery Type: lithium Polymer
Course Capacity: 40,000 Courses
Water Resistant: Water Resistant(IP65)
Different color available

golfbuddy bb5 golf gps band color


For more information about GolfBuddy BB5, you can visit  http://bb5.golfbuddyglobal.com/