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Bushnell Neo Xs Gps Watches vs Bushnell NEO-X Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch

bushell neo xs vs x
bushell neo xs vs x

Bushnell Golf which is a reputable producer of GPS based golf watches is the producer of both Bushnell Neo Xs GPS Watches and Bushnell NEO-X Golf GPS Rangefinder Watches. GPS golf watches are meant to help golfers in ways such as finding their ways in unfamiliar golf courses, and determining the distance to different holes. The Bushnell Neo+ and the Bushnell Neo-X GPS watches are the predecessors of the Bushnell Neo Xs GPS Watch. In other words, Bushnell Golf intended the Bushnell Neo Xs GPS Watch to be an advanced design from its earlier models. A Bushnell Neo Xs GPS Watches vs Bushnell NEO-X Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch comparison will clearly show if indeed the Bushnell Neo Xs is indeed an advanced model as it was intended. This is in terms of features, performance, and aesthetics of both GPS watches.



The Bushnell Neo-X GPS Rangefinder Watch operated on a database of over 30,000 preloaded golf courses. Its GPS rangefinder relied on the preloaded golf course maps provided by iGolfer. The watch also boasted of a long battery life that was unrivaled by contemporary GPS golf watches. Smart features on the Neo-X included:

  • Auto hole advance- recognizes each hole in a course
  • preloaded hazards- indicates nearby hazard points
  • Auto Course Recognition- The GPS application in the watch identifies the golfer’s current from its preloaded golf courses
  • Shot Distance Calculator- Gives a golfer the distance to a target hole
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Auto GPS Off – A golfer can set a time after which the GPS will go off to save battery usage. This does not turn of the watch.
  • Round Odometer- An application that tracks a golfer’s movement distance-wise.



The Bushnell Neo Xs GPS Watch is not a drastic improvement of the Bushnell Neo-X GPS Watch per se. The features present in the Neo-X are present in the Neo Xs only with improvements such as increased number of preloaded golf courses (over 33,000 courses). The Neo Xs also beats its predecessor’s battery life. While the Neo-X has a battery life of three golf rounds, the Neo Xs does more than three rounds and has a battery life of 2 years in the GPS off mode.

However, the Bushnell Neo Xs GPS Watch is evidently a smarter GPS watch than the Neo-X as it offers key services with a single button press. That is, the Neo Xs is quite easy to operate. This is because the Auto Hole Advance application changes automatically from one hole to another in the Neo Xs without any input from the golfer.


Aesthetics and comfort

The Neo-X could have been a sleek invention, but it does not come that close to the Neo Xs. Bushnell Golf managed to integrate even more features into a thinner design making the Neo Xs the most thin and feature-packed GPS golf watch in the world. To a golfer, the watch should play its role without being obstructive to the arm’s swing. Both watches are considerably light causing little if any obstruction. They are also waterproof just in case one accidentally takes a shower in them. The Neo-X has a rectangular shape while the Neo Xs takes a more classical round shape. Nonetheless, commenting on the aesthetics’ superiority is a bit tricky since it is a matter of personal preference.

Product View of Bushnell NEO-X Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch

Bushnell NEO-X Golf GPS Rangefinder Watch

Product view of Bushnell Neo Xs Gps Watches

Bushnell Neo Xs Gps Watches


The Neo Xs was meant to be an evolution of the Neo-X. Bushnell Golf simply improved the former model (Neo-X) to come up with the smarter model (Neo Xs). Therefore, the Neo Xs is a smart and thin GPS watch slightly superior to the Neo-X although both models are relatively easy to use, and they work just fine. The two GPS watches have been rated highly owing to their accuracy. However, users need to notify Bushnell Golf to update their database in case the watches register inconsistent distance measurements.