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New Golf GPS Watch Released in 2014

New golf GPS released 2014
New golf GPS released 2014

Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews – Looking for New Golf GPS Watches Released in 2014?

Garmin Approach S6

Garmin Approach S6

Garmin is set to release its latest high tech golf watch this July. The Garmin Approach S6 is an advanced model with new functionalities previously not available on earlier versions. These include a color touch screen and swing metrics. These two upgrades make this watch a great companion on the golf course, helping you improve your game and keep track of your progress. The Approach S6 has several additional features as outlined below….Read More

Garmin Approach S6 was just released on 20th July 2014.  You can now order it on Amazon.com click here to check it out. 



GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 Smart Golf Watch

GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 Smart Golf Watch 1With so many of Smart Golf Watches coming on to the market recently, it is always preferred to have such a kind of watch that suits your need the most. The GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 Smart Golf Watch is definitely the product to look for. This technological masterpiece is highly recommendable and slowly becoming the first choice among people. With so many of new features added by the Golf Buddy, it is definitely the product that will give you value for your money.

Most customers’ think that GolfBuddy GB8-VT3-14 Smart Golf Watch as a whole is a good stuff to buy. They considered it a great asset while playing. According to them accuracy of the product makes it even better. It quickly helps you to find the course and gives you the required information related to that. It possesses 8 different languages which in turns add to the convenience of the user. Another handful of customers think that the sound quality, the brightness of the screen and the wristband function of the watch makes it even more interesting. You can just hang it anywhere you want. However a bunch of customers feel that the watch is actually quite slow as compared to some of its other categories. They feel that the product lacks smooth touch facility…Read More

This item is currently available at 34% off retail price with free shipping on Amazon.com!  click here to check it out.