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Golf GPS Watch Comparison

golf gps watch watch comparsion
golf gps watch watch comparsion

If you are planning to purchase golf GPS watch, you have to do some research work by going through several reviews and comparative analysis of different brands. By doing the research work, you will be able to get an idea about the available golf GPS watches in the market and direct customer feedback will help you to make the right decision. As you know, golf GPS watch can make your playing experience a lot better compared to ordinary play.

This product can be very useful if you are a player or enthusiast. However, most of the popular and reputed brands of golf GPS watches come up with preloaded courses to provide the target distance perfectly for tracking your progress. Moreover, this watch can minimize the guesswork that you have to do during playing game. Now, all rookies or advanced golfers should go through some golf GPS watch comparison analysis to get the right one for them.

Some Top Brands of Golf GPS Watch

To make your decision-making procedure easier, here are some top brands of golf GPS watch comparison analysis is given according to market research.

Garmin Approach S1

Garmin Approach S1 Waterproof Golf GPS Watch

The manufacturer made this product quite handy for making it user-friendly. You can have both black and white color options along with elegant design and style.

  • Advantages – This watch will take your golf playing experience to the next level. You can even get the view of the screen under the sunlight and it can show the time as per the time zone automatically. This watch is capable enough to give accurate yardages to front, middle and back of the green. Moreover, you can use it as a regular watch whenever you are not playing. Therefore, this Garmin watch come up with plenty of useful features such as rechargeable battery with extended battery life, portable and lightweight, the power of detecting holes automatically, monochrome LCD display and high-sensitivity GPS receiver, no subscription fees to access golf courses and one-year limited period warranty facility.
  • Disadvantages – The only drawbacks of this watch is you will not be able to get any digital scoreboard and touch screen facility.
  • Customer Feedback – According to customer feedback, Garmin brands ranked on the top positions.

IZZO Swami Watch

This brand is quite popular for its affordable price range, durability, portability, flexibility, lightweight feature and fashionable black and yellow exterior design.

  • Advantages – This watch provides you with number of beneficial features like waterproof facility, preloaded worldwide courses over 25,000, advanced auto-hole system, digital score board facility, course map edit feature, high-speed yardage showing, packed with time, date, alarm and odometer facility.
  • Disadvantages – The negligible drawback of this watch is it cannot update time while crossing different time zones.
  • Customer Feedback – Golfers love this watch for its usefulness and only rare complaint is about its battery life.

SkyCaddie GPS Golf Watch Black

The GPS Golf watch of SkyCaddie will amaze you with its comfortable, flexible and lightweight features. Moreover the provided odometer technology will allow you to track your pace, distance, time and location.

  • Advantages – This interesting black watch gives you the opportunity to avail plethora of helpful features such as preloaded worldwide courses over 30,000,water resistant facility, rechargeable battery with long lasting life, easy to carry and easy to wear feature, reasonable price range and easy viewing screen even under sunlight.
  • Disadvantages – Although, this watch is well known for its agility and supreme quality performance, it cannot easily synchronize ClubSG scores.
  • Customer Feedback – Players are quite happy with this watch and only sometimes they complaint about the annual fees that they have to pay whereas this actually a rare case.

Now, after going through the entire golf GPS watch comparison analysis, you will be able to get a clear idea about different features and specifications of it available in the market. Moreover, the review will enable you to find the suitable one easily.

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