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What is the different types of sport watches?

different types of sport watches
different types of sport watches

What Are Sport Watches?

While many of us consider a watch to be an accessory for us; sport watches are an important tool for different types of sportsmen or sportswomen which assist them during training and during the actual game. Sport watches perform additional specialized functions apart from performing the standard functions of displaying time and date. Different types of sport watches are used for different sports and adventure activities which are carefully crafted to serve the specific needs for the individual sports. Various watch manufacturing companies around the world are involved in manufacturing these specialized sport watches.

Some of the most common sports for which specialized sport watches are manufactured are running, jogging, cycling, mountain climbing, hiking, backpacking, skiing, golf, swimming, scuba diving etc.


Common Types of Sport Watches:

1. GPS watch:

A GPS watch include a GPS system to help a person with directions and determine the whereabouts of a certain point. There are various types of GPS watches available depending upon the sport for which the sport watch is used.


Types of GPS watches:

- Golf GPS watch: Golf GPS watches are stylish and convenient watches which combined with the GPS function can automatically recognize the course and hole, display the distances to the front, centre and back of the greens. At the same time these watches are lightweight; sweat and water proof and come with the standard watch functions, alarms, odometer and a good battery life.

- Running GPS watch: Those who like to run or jog use running GPS sport watch to provide directions and locations. A sport watch used for running, jogging or cycling will also have other functions like the heart rate monitor, pedometer, activity tracker, chronograph etc; all of which when combined provide a complete package of features to a person who wants to improve in the sport.

- Hiking GPS watch: A hiking GPS watch usually used by hikers, mountain climbers or backpackers makes use of the GPS feature to determine the location and directions. In addition to it such a sport watch will also have other features like altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer, mud resistance etc.)


2. Heart rate monitor watch:

As the name suggests, this a sport watch which includes the feature of a heart rate monitor, which helps to keep a track of the heart rate of the person wearing this sport watch. Watches with this feature are used for sports like running, jogging, cycling, swimming etc.


3. Pedometer watch:

A sport watch with a pedometer function would keep a track of all the steps that you take throughout the day and converts them into miles walked during the day and the time taken; which in turn helps to keep a track of the basic physical activities and their pace throughout the day.


4. Activity tracker watch:

Activity tracker or activity monitor sport watches are the watches which have replaced the pedometer functions of pedometer sport watches and furnish other capabilities like measuring the distance covered, calories burnt, hours of sleep etc. All of these details can be analysed at the end of the day to better plan for any physical activities which are required. Such sport watches are used for sports like running, jogging, cycling, hiking, walking etc.


5. Chronograph watch:

These watches provide the functions of a standard watch and stopwatch in a single sport watch. Chronograph functions range from being able to count down, count up, splitting screen, log laps etc to being able to calculate average laps in time units from hours to fractions of seconds. Sport watches with these features are great for sports like running, cycling, swimming etc.


6. ABC watch:

ABC sport watches have three primary features of Altimeter, Barometer and Compass. Altimeter’s feature is used to measure altitude, while the barometer feature comes handy to measure the atmospheric pressure whereas compass helps the sports person in navigation. These watches are primarily used in sports like hiking, mountain climbing, backpacking, skiing etc.


7. Water resistant watch:

A water resistant sport watch finds its use in various sports where water comes into play like swimming and scuba diving. Watches for these sports should be water resistant so that they keep working in the water as well. In addition to being resistant to water, watches used for swimming or scuba diving have capabilities like underwater visibility, barometer, shock resistance, chemical resistance etc.


Apart from the above mentioned features, the sport watches are made up of durable material, while ensuring that they weigh just right for the type of sport they are intended for. As a result of cautious and passionate engineering the sport watches are stylish, useful and do not miss the attention of the passer-byes.


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