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Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews – April 2014 Golf GPS Watch Best Seller

Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews – Looking for Top 5 Best Golf GPS Watch 2014 April?

GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder

GolfBuddy Voice GPS RangefinderBest Golf GPS Watch Reviews –  This golf gps watch is capable of providing the entire graphic representation of the location of the golf course by simply powering the device into its on position. Its GPS system is designed to automatically look for satellite signal that allows it to instantly trace the location in order to display the map of the entire golf course. It can provide the voice details of the distance between the back, center or front of the green and the golfer’s current location. The measured amount of distance is displayed in yard and meter units.

Customers amazes with its voice function. It provides them the convenience of identifying the distances by prompting the device to calculate and verbalize the information. They love how the device can automatically detect their location. They also adore how GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder enables them to perfectly aim and swing the golf club by providing them with the precise amount of the available distance from the green. It is the perfect GPS unit for golfers who require accuracy and convenience.

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Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch (Preloaded with US Courses)

Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch (Preloaded with US Courses)
This Golf GPS Watch is designed with a highly sensitive GPS sensor. It has built-in routes that provide coverage maps for Puerto Rico, U.S. and Canada. It is capable of computing for the capacities of the remaining yardages from different locations on the golf course. It also comes with an odometer device that calculates the users’ distance between their initial and final locations. It can be used to trace the capacity of the distance traveled even if the user is not situated on the golf course. It is equipped with an alarm function. It has automatic time zone identification and time synchronization functions.

The sole complaint about the Garmin Approach S1 Golf GPS Watch so far is its charging capability. The capacity of the battery tends to drain quickly. Although it has a poor battery performance, the customers are still recommending this durable GPS sports watch to others. They adore the simplicity of its physical design. It is specifically designed for basic golf engagements.

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Bushnell Neo Xs Gps Watches

Bushnell Neo Xs Gps Watches

This golf gps watch are the latest generation GPS watches to come out of the stables of the Bushnell Corporation that specializes in latest technology GPS devices for the outdoors. Like its predecessor, the Bushnell Neo GPS Rangerfinder, the Bushnell Neo XS GPS is a compelling product, great to look at and much anticipated by aficionados of golf watching technology. Bushnell Neo XS GPS is easily the lightest and the thinnest watch ever produced by Bushnell and a valuable addition to the Distance Made Simple series of golf products.
User reviews for the Neo XS have been largely positive and even laudatory. Critical reviews however, have been more circumspect. A reviewer from wants more from this watch, and prefers the design of the older model. A crazy golfing fan from is visibly excited about the Bushnell Neo XS GPS watches saying that he has grown tired of carrying a standalone handheld GPS unit with him during his rounds. Reviewers on YouTube have been largely appreciative. More reviews and customer reactions are expected on the internet over the next few weeks and months as the product is still very new and it takes time to catch public fancy.

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Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf WatchThis Golf GPS Watch is a lightweight, comfortable as well as precise touchscreen GPS golf watch that is a natural evolution of the company’s touchscreen golf watch technology. You will definitely love it because it features many important benefits as listed below.

Many customers who have used the S4 Golf GPS Watch have applauded it for its “always-on” convenience as well as its ability to provide them with immediate accessibility of the yards to the pin. It is readily available on the wrist displayed in big block letters, and there is no extra effort that will be required, for instance trying to get an app to show you the distance. Many people have also liked this watch because of its ease of use. Flipping between the yards display and the scorecard is very easy. All you need to do is to just toggle one button.
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Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch
The GPS Golf Watch has built-in worldwide routes with a total of 28,000 items. The routes are readily available for use without setting up the GPS watch or downloading any form of software. It is a feature that does not require subscription fees. It is equipped with an odometer tool that is capable of measuring the amount of distance traveled by the user. It has a circular timer tool that permits the users to monitor the amount of time they consumed in finishing 18 holes. It has different features that are designed for improving the performance of the users in playing golf.

Customers are pleased with how Garmin Approach S3 GPS Golf Watch provides the clear display of digits in its screen. They love how easy it is to view the distances and courses. It is an ideal device for amateur and professional golfers alike.
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Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews – How to choose Golf GPS Watch?

Best Golf GPS Watch Reviews - There are many aspects to consider in selecting a golf GPS watch. A certain type of feature may be suitable for one user but inappropriate for the other. A wide range of golf GPS watches are available in the market today.  These models are designed with different features. Below are some pointers to consider on how to choose a golf GPS watch:


Battery Strength of golf gps watch

Some golf GPS watches are capable of providing a battery strength capacity of up to 14 hours while other units can only offer a battery strength capacity of approximately 8 hours. Users should consider the amount of battery strength they need before placing a purchase. Most golf GPS watches today are using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


using golf gps watch

Amount of Preloaded Courses

Some golf GPS watches offer 14,000 routes while other units provide 27,000+ courses.


Wi-Fi Capability

A handful of golf GPS watches that are available in the market these days are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. It is a useful feature for users who wish to stay connected while playing golf.


Type of Screen Display

The menu of a golf GPS watch can be controlled by means of a button or just by touching the screen. Older models are designed with buttons while the latest units are equipped with a touch screen display.


Display Resolution

The adequate amount of screen resolution is ideal for viewing the plotted course. It will enhance the contour of the golf course. It will also provide a detailed description of the user’s location on the map.


Durable Design

Select the golf GPS watch with heavy-duty exterior casing and scratch-resistant screen display. This is an important aspect to consider. Users should make certain that the physical construction of the golf GPS watch can keep up with their physical activities.


Accuracy of the GPS Sensor

It is necessary for golfers to select a golf GPS watch that can accurately measure the remaining gap between their location and the golf hole. This is an aspect that tells the users where to point their golf club and the required amount of distance to cover in order to reach the golf hole.


User-friendly Ability

A user-friendly golf GPS watch is the perfect companion to a round of golf. It will provide the users the necessary data they need in order to reach the golf hole with ease.



The available golf GPS watches in the market these days are typically constructed in a four-sided figure with a circular shape. These units are also designed with different weight and width capacities.

Let’s see how others reviews one of the famous brand of golf gps watch – GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder.

Golf GPS Watch Reviews – Features for Other Physical Activities

Some golf GPS watches provide features for running, cycling, coaching and fitness activities. These devices can deliver accurate calculations of distance, speed, altitude and pace. Some of these units are also equipped with a built-in pulse rate sensor. These units are perfect for users who are engaged in different physical activities. This aspect is ideal for amateur and professional athletes.

Users should select a golf GPS watch according to their physical interests and lifestyle. They should choose a device that is capable of actually aiding them in playing golf. Please visit our site for more golf GPS watch reviews.

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